MDST-2024 aims to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, R&D institutions, universities, research institutes, undergraduate and graduate students to present, discuss, and evaluate the latest research, technological trends, experiences, and assessments in the fields of Engineering, Natural, and Health Sciences.

Each paper submitted to the Workshop/Conference will be reviewed by at least two expert referees. All accepted papers for presentation will be included in the Workshop/Conference program and will be published only as abstracts/papers in the proceedings.

Workshop/Conference Languages: Turkish and English

Type: National/International (meets the criteria for Associate Professorship and Academic Incentives)

The University Board Decision officially appointing the members of the organizing committee, as required for Associate Professorship, will be shared with our participants after the Workshop/Conference.

The cover letter showing the number of papers and their distribution by country, required for Academic Incentives, will be shared with our participants after the Workshop/Conference.

Participation Method: In-person and Online

Workshop/Conference Sessions: Will be organized based on subject and discipline.

Please visit our website to learn more about our Workshop/Conference and to apply.

Workshop/Conference Information:

  • Abstracts and full papers are evaluated through blind peer review.

  • It meets the criteria for associate professorship (according to the new criteria) and academic incentives.

  • An ISBN-indexed proceedings book containing abstracts and full papers will be published after the Workshop/Conference.

*Turkey Quota: There is no quota limitation. For the benefit of Turkish scientists, there will be no quota restriction for qualified studies that pass the peer review process to meet with the scientific community.